Les Exclusifs de Chanel box captures the spirit of Chanel’s iconic fragrances

What could be a better gift than a Chanel perfume? How about a whole box of Chanel’s heady and intoxicating scents? Les Exclusifs de Chanel brings together 15 Chanel fragrances and will be hit shelves on the 17th of February. This limited edition collection is comprised of precious materials, elegant bottles, timeless fragrances which were created between 1922 and 2016 by master perfumers like Ernest Beaux, Jacques Polge, and Olivier Polge.

The scents themselves are the perfumers’ interpretations of a place, texture, meeting or symbol loved by Gabrielle Chanel. The 14 Eau de Parfums and one Eau de Cologne include “Bel Respiro,” a floral take on spring, “Sycomore,” a woody scent centered on vetiver, “Coromandel” with notes of incense, benzoin, and patchouli, “Cuir de Russie” an oriental scent, the aromatic-floral-powdery “Jersey,” and the woody and fruity “N°18”.

ALso included are “31 rue Cambon,” “28 La Pausa,” “N°22,” “1932,” “Gardénia,” “Beige,” “Bois des Iles,” “Eau de Cologne,” and “Misia.”


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