Let’s Talk Fashion with the Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year

Fashion enthusiasts across the globe crave for vibrancy! Irrespective of the gender, it is an implied fact that people love colors and when it comes to fashion! They love to amp new color palettes. Black, white and everything in between will always rule the industry, and we don’t intend to question that, but when the world itself is a stage (metaphor) why not to color it with as many shades as possible? Makes sense, isn’t it?

Talking about the colors, our today’s focus lands on the renowned color institute, Pantone; which pores over analysis and research of food, fashion, film, designs, entertainment, sports, tech, materials and art to bring out the most confined color every year. The search this year landed on the Pantone 18-3838; the ULTRA VIOLET!

Yeah, you read that right, the color of the year 2018 is Ultra Violet!

Coming back to fashion, let’s talk about all things Purple today. Pantone has said in many of their articles defining the color (ultra violet) that it has the ‘proactive and thoughtful feel to it’. Head to toe fashion with just the palette purple will be our motto today. Why wait then? Let’s get started!

Formal Fashion with color of the year
Ultra violet may sound unusual when we think of pairing it up. Especially, when talking about the formal shirts for women and men, the combination seems kind of offbeat. But have faith, the right pair of trouser can rock this look like no other.

One can think of layering up with a violet blazer for a meeting as well. From dusky to white, violet is the color which will suit most skin tones. End your search for some above par branded formal shirts online with shoppersstop.com. A trending collection awaits you!

For the trendy evenings
Evening parties and gathering require all the glam. Nothing is over-the-top when you’re dressed for an evening event. For the lovely ladies, their purple one-piece dress or the latest midi dress can become the talk of the town if clubbed well with some quirky accessories. And for the guys, just suit up! A complete violet blazer with a pair of shiny men’s formal shoes can do wonders!
Do not stop yourself from going out loud because hey, ultra-violet itself is an ultimate evening color.

Classic Violet Casuals
We simply can’t take our go-to clothes for granted, can we? The casual day look does require efforts, right? Sudden coffee plans or movie dates too demand your super cool looks. Casual clothes are the comforters which can be in any color. The color violet for men can be seen in many shades and types. From men’s casual shirts to women’s casual jackets and from funky accessories to women and men’s casual shoes, the list comes with the fresh look and feel every time you plan to shop. Match the perfect shade of violet to your skin tone and other ensembles to slay the look! Take the pictures for fresh inspiration!

Such a violet-crazy year this is going to be! Check out Shoppers Stop online, for an array of enticing clothes for women and men in every color. Pick the ones that comply with you and slay every look.

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