Li Bing Bing carries $400,000 Cleopatra Clutch at the Oscars 2012

For Oscars, celebrities come out of their dens to reveal the most stunning wardrobe and accessories. We recently learned that American Haute couture designer Lana J. Marks has specially designed the Cleopatra Clutch for Chinese superstar Li Bing Bing. The $400,00 clutch, which is handmade in Italy of Louisiana Alligator, touts Lana J Marks’ penmanship of Li Bing Bing in natural pink diamonds set in 18-carat pink gold. If you don’t believe me, watch Li Bing Bing show her clutch up close (at 1:40) in the video!

The clutch’s front contour was handcrafted of 40 carats of the finest white fully cut and faceted diamonds in 18 ct white gold. Note that Lana J. Marks is hailed as an Expert on Academy Awards’ Fashions and an annual Fixture on Oscar’s Red Carpet. The clutch is worth almost half a million dollars, making Li Bing Bing the most expensive celebrity on the red carpet.

Cleopatra_ Clutch_LI-BING-BING_Janet_McTeer_Oscars.jpg
Academy Award Nominee for Best Supporting Actress, Janet McTeer also sported the $200,000 Cleopatra Clutch by Lana J. Marks.
Cleopatra_ Clutch_LANA-MARKS-CLUTCH.jpg
[PRNewswire – photos via Sacbee]

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