Life sized Elsa is the ultimate gift for a ‘Frozen’ lover

Today’s Ana, Elsa and Olaf are what was yesterday’s Shrek and donkey and Simba the Lin King from the day before. The trio are responsible for freeing us in our paths – across ages and geography – with their smiles, struts and swirls. And here is your chance to gift your favourite niece or nephew with a life-size figure of the Frozen stars. Literally frozen in time, they are as tall as… you, perhaps! Anna will be 165 cm, Elsa is 170 cm and Olaf at 90 cm. The girls are dressed in dresses using fine fabric, like Ana’s fleece cape, and her sister’s shimmering blue cape. From the little Taiwanese I could make out, I think they are also studded with some gems.

Disney-frozen-life-size-dolls (1)
Imagine the glee on that little face when she walks into her room one day and find Elsa brimming down at her. However, if she wails and makes a scene, then you should make a special shelf for your home to display the $8,885 Snow Queen. Elsa will be around $8,000 while Olaf will be priced at $5,260.
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[ Available at : Toysapiens ]

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