Limited edition of Precious Nectar Fountain to help you smell like a fresh rich flower!

If you want to smell like a million dollars, well, you need to spend a fraction of the amount at least to get such a fragrance. And one such limited edition perfume up for grabs is the Mon Precious Nectar Fountain Imperiale. And unlike those small vile of expensive scents, you get complete value for money as this is no vile but a full fountain of the sweet aroma! Priced at $9,000, the fountain contains a full liter of “Precieux Nectar,” a new perfume that is subtly fruity, musky, and floral so that you can refill your perfume vile as and when you need. The bottle is made in crystal and is shaped like a column and a honeybee with Guerlain’s emblem engraved in the middle of its stopper.

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