Limited edition Singha Beer Bag encases chilled beer and gadgets too

What would you do if you have the sudden urge to grab a beer while heading to work after a long night of partying during the Christmas season? You can take a little help from the sharp designing brains who have shaped out a leather bag to keep the bottles of Singha beer chilled. As a part of his Cabinet of Curiosities range, designer Thomas Erber has commissioned a Singha Beer Bag under the guidance of the French Luggage makers House Vivet. Created out of bull’s leather, the bag features two insulated pockets to carry chilled Singha bottles. It also comes with linen-lined pockets to carry your iPad, iPhone and iPod headphones, alongside a pocket on the outside to house your passport and airline tickets.

The bag is finished with a dual-loop handle, which can be carried with ease in your hand or on your shoulder. These bags, priced at €900 ($1,200) will be limited to ten versions, which will be available in two colors, of gray and chestnuts at Colette. It is the ideal Christmas gift for a geeky beer drinker.

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