Linley’s Limited Edition London Boxes

Come on, admit it. We ladies are ever so particular about where our trinkets go. It’s but a fact that as our passion for jewelry, we are oh-so-careful about selecting the perfect jewelry box to store them in. Aren’t we? Yes, we are! And no matter how many ever boxes we own, we just can’t get enough of them! We want every kind and type available, from The Private Cointreau Coffret and Harry Winston Jewelry Box, to Ralph Lauren’s Limited Edition Delaine, we want it all, and more! Linley’s Limited Edition London Boxes is the recent answer to our prayers. 50 limited edition London Boxes from Linley’s are paying homage to the great London city with the boxes portraying its lid, the awe-inspiring box London skyline!

Available as a Jewelry Box or Humidor, the Linley boxes are suitable for both men and women. The boxes have been crafted in dark stained walnut with the famous skyline depicted in marquetry inlay in various veneers. The boxes also feature Sterling silver engravable plaques above the escutcheon on the inner lid, engraved with a personal message or initials.

The London Jewelry boxes have been lined in powder grey suede and have a detachable tray with compartments for cufflinks, rings, necklaces, or watches and keepsakes. Whereas the London Humidor is lined with cedarwood, in-built with a humidification system for ambient cigar storage. The Humidor also has a circular rhodium-plated engravable plaque to the right of the humidification system.

Retailing for £4,500 ($6,900), customers can further customize the interiors if need be.

[Available at Davidlinley]

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