LL Armcandy of the week: Louis Vuitton New Wave

Louis Vuitton’s New Wave is the bag that everyone is talking about. Marie Claire has already conferred It bag status upon this quilted purse, promising that it’s likely the bag that you’ll be seeing all over your Instagram feed this season. Inspired by the New Wave music of the 1980s, the bag features a wavy quilted design and a chain strap.

Noticeably, this bag offers an almost retro twist on the LV logo with the word Vuitton spread across a removable tag on the bag in rainbow lettering. This touch keeps the bag from being too serious and makes it all the more ready for social media. It’s casual enough for a jeans and T-shirt outfit, but also cool enough for a cocktail party or business meeting.

Louis Vuitton’s New Wave is available in PM and MM sizes as well as in a tote bag version. You can choose from five different colors: Noir, Ecarlate, Smoothie Pink, Malibu Green and Snow, our personal favorite is Ecarlate – a bright red. New colors like Freesia and Emerald, Denim, and Yellow will be introduced in the fall. Prices range from $835 to $2,680.