L’Or de Vie L’Extrait Of Chateau D’Yquem For Your Face

Wine has become the hot trend in anti-aging skincare……not drinking it, sadly! The French are ace at winemaking but they’re also notable beauty experts, who can reap the benefit of vines into pricy ‘Made in France’ skincare. And just as drinking a glass of wine a day is supposed to be good for health, smoothing on grape-based products can help give you gorgeous skin. Christian Dior, the famed French fashion house has released the latest product as part of their L’Or de Vie collaboration with Château d’Yquem. The new formula L’Extrait of L’Or de Vie is made with the same sap that runs through the vine shoots of the sauvignon grade but with a more advanced process.

The extract contains high percentages of polyphenols and hydroins obtained from the Château d’Yquem vines which allow the skin to rejuvenate in a way akin to a vine regenerating in the spring! The pure concentrate of the vine essences instantly becomes one with the skin with the rich, gold texture of L’Extrait.

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