Los Angeles is now home to the world’s first vegan fashion showroom and Library

Vegans looking for a one-stop solution to their varied shopping needs can now have it easy! Vegan fashion week has recently opened doors to the Vegan Fashion Library – the world’s first showroom and boutique for ethical vegan products.

Conceptualized as a permanent multi-brand stop, the fully vegan showroom is located in Los Angeles. It features designer clothing, shoes, and accessories made of apple, cactus, or pineapple leather, plant-based wool, vegan silk, and more. The place is ideal for retailers, stylists, and celebrities in search of unique vegan items.

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Commenting on it, the founder of the movement (Vegan Fashion Week), Emmanuelle Rienda, in a statement, said, “We are leading positive change through conscious creativity. Let’s take this opportunity to think about the pandemic’s cause, see beyond social distancing to create new awareness and change behavior. We need to rethink the way we consume, what we consume, and how to sync sustainability with ethics.”

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The concept was earlier supposed to be an event but has now culminated into a full-fledged permanent shop in LA. It houses a curated selection of ethical designers, including Sylven New York, Bohemia, Enda, Benedetti Life, and Julien Esteves Berthier, and is ideal for ethical fashion lovers worldwide! Fancy visiting it?

[Via: WWD]

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