Louis Vuitton brings out some intense drama for new collection commercial

Louis Vuitton rolled out its latest ad campaign for its new collection and we think it’s safe to say after watching the 2 minute commercial, the French fashion house are fans of HBO’s TV drama-crime series True Detective. With a desert scene behind them, Golden Globe winner for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe actress Michelle Williams and Ex Machina’s Alicia Vikander run True Detective style monologues while trying to get to the venue of the luxury brand’s Palm Springs’ fashion show. While getting to their destination, the duo have to over come obstacles like being lost and a snake but the essence of it all is to harp on the ‘spirit of travel’, something that is at the core of the brand’s luxurious trunk-making heart. Pensive looks, dramatic overtures and the arid, extensive deserts definitely make for an intense TV commercial; and if you keep your eyes glued, you could even spot a few pieces from the upcoming collection!

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