Louis Vuitton dresses Japan’s 3D superstar, Hatsune Miku

Recently Louis Vuitton’s creative director Marc Jacobs revealed that the most important thing to being a designer is ones need to trust their instincts and doing what is in their heart. Following these words, the unusual designer created outfits for 3D holographic Japanese singing sensation Hatsune Miku. A definite branching out in the client. As the school-girl attire of Hatsune Miku needed a wardrobe makeover for her opera stage show debut ‘The End,’ the Louis Vuitton team was called in. Marc Jacobs has kept in theme with his spring/summer 2013 collection and designed four checkerboard-inspired symmetrical looks. To keep a hint of the school-girl look, he has completed the outfits with hair bows and statement handbags.

One of Japan’s biggest pop stars who manage to have sold out stadiums every single time, Miku is described as 3D ‘Vocaloid,’ a holographic projection with an artificial voice. The virtual singer with her new looks will perform in a new opera stage show, ‘The End,’ which debuted in Japan last December but, due to its popularity, is set to go on tour to Tokyo in May and Paris in November.

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In his list of designs, the fashion emporium ticks off Diet Coke cans and virtual star from his list, wonder where his instinct takes him next!

[Via – Telegraph]

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