Louis Vuitton exhibition inspired by designer Nicolas Ghesquière open to public in L.A.

Louis Vuitton is following in the footsteps of other fashion houses by setting up is very own unconventional exhibit of its interpretation of a fashion show as seen through the mind of Nicolas Ghesquière. The exhibition titled ‘Louis Vuitton Series 2 – Past, Present and Future’, begins on 6th February and runs until 22nd of the same month; and is set up in a specific way, so as to take viewers through the difference stages of creativity and allow them to explore the thought processes behind a ‘Collection’ through themed rooms. Each room has little bits of insights from the designer’s mind, his inspirations and influences along with the excitement and lively atmosphere that engulfs a fashion show, both – on stage and behind. The exhibition is also gearing up fans for its anticipated Spring ’15 Collection.

Visitors will enter the exhibit through the Abstract Title, which is basically an oversized LV logo, something that Nicolas has been fascinated and busied himself with since he came to LV; its transition from inception up until now. The Talking Faces is where one would get the first glimpse of the upcoming Spring ’15 Women’s collection through the opening animation that was first seen at Paris. The next room is called the Magical Trunk and aptly so since LV first began as a trunk maker. The room is a tribute to the founder and an interpretation of the growth of the brand from travel accessories to currently a major fashion label and the futuristic ideas for the brand. The Savoir-Faire room focuses on the ‘Malletage’ one of Nicolas’ signature creations which is inspired by the inside of the original LV trunks. Backstage, as the name suggests, takes visitors to the heart of the shows, throwing them into the crux of all the energy during the preparations, the final touches and celebrations after the show. A 360-degree projection room, called the Infinite Show Room, displays all the 48 ready-to-wear designs from the fashion designer’s Spring Collection for the year. The exhibit could not end without a room dedicated to accessories which are a major part of every collection and so the Accessories Gallery has on display its designs and heritage pieces on 3D printed figures of model Marte Mei van Haaster that have been scanned on pure white canvas.

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Nicholas, a major fashion designer under the Louis Vuitton label and also the brand’s Women’s Artistic Director, had his first major fashion show in the first half of 2014, since joining the label in 2013 and has continued to churn out designs for last year’s Fall Season and this year’s Spring ’15, Resort ’15, and Pre-Fall ‘15.

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The exhibition runs at a warehouse at 1135, North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles starting on 6th till 22nd February. This is the first of its kind and is open for public viewing on a daily basis from 10am to 6pm.

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