Louis Vuitton fashionable paper dolls mark partnership with Kim Hersov

Famed fashion house Louis Vuitton (LV) never ceases to impress its global audience who wait eagerly for new offerings from this brand. The famed brand combines with leading names in fashion to create some of the most exquisite offerings for its loyal customers. This year the fashion house collaborated with iconic stylist Kim Hersov to combine the Ready-To-Wear Icons of the house with the Spring/Sumer 2013 collection. To commemorate this partnership, Louis Vuitton has offered a fun and unique treat. LV has presented four looks styled by Kim Hersov as paper dolls, with each doll flaunting a mix of the two collections.

Paper dolls collected by many will surely get a new status with LV adding its name to this unique collectible toy. LV partnered with Australian fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess to create these unique fashion dolls. The stylish dolls further reinstate LV’s renowned status as one of the most creative brands globally.


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