Louis Vuitton gets it right with their cool and colourful Race Bags

Louis Vuitton has moved into the fast lane with their fresh new handbag collection. High octane NASCAR and Formula One races seem to have inspired the new collection which is full of vivid colors and bold prints. The collection includes favorites like the Neverfull, the Alma, and of course the Speedy.

The bags feature clashing colors and prints making them (as Purseblog’s Amanda Mull pointed out) reminiscent of the uniform jackets work by race car drivers which are packed with logos and branding from different sponsors. The “Vuitton” logo is the only one you’ll see on these bags but this time, it takes center stage, splashed across the side of the bag in large font.

The chequered print shares space with LV’s own monogram print in different colors while gold hardware keeps the overall look luxe. You can shop the Cruise 2017 collection on the Louis Vuitton website. Prices range from $560 for the Race Bandouliere handbag strap to $5,750 for the Race Petite Malle Clutch.


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