Louis Vuitton Introduces a new fragrance personalization service and travel case collection

Louis Vuitton, a brand known for its glamorous bags and signature monogrammed classics, has also steadily made a name for itself in the world of perfumes. From divine florals to classic woodiness, there isn’t one scent that hasn’t been perfected by the LV fragrance ensemble. And in furthering its perfume love, the marquee recently introduced a new fragrance personalization service that also comes with a custom travel case collection.

The new LV offering aims at celebrating the intimate bond that one shares with the LV fragrances. As part of the service, the brand will fix you some unique travel cases that are designed and crafted to transport your fragrance under all circumstances. With top-notch expertise and years of tradition behind it, the marquee will create trunks that come with a luxurious holder for encasing and holding your fragrances in a safe spot. What’s more, you can also have your initials hot-stamped on the custom travel case that is specially crafter from fine natural or Épi leather, available in Black, White and Rose Ballerine. Those unwilling to depart from all the LV classiness can also opt for a Monogram canvas travel case instead.

Along with custom travel cases, the Maison also gives you a chance to personalize your fragrance bottle with initials in tone-on-tone or gold. The additional personalization service can be availed either online or in select Louis Vuitton stores. This clearly is the ultimate holiday steel for perfume-heads like us!

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