Louis Vuitton launches logo-free products in China

When you have umpteen number of luxury brands riding side by side, there’s always a scare of getting lost in the crowd, especially in a market as China. That’s what calls for marketing strategies that could boost your “exclusivity.” And Louis Vuitton did exactly that. The luxury connoisseur has intelligently taken the route to maintain exclusivity by launching an entire logo-free ad, displaying a logo-free handbag exclusively for China.

It’s “to counter the recent slowdown and the potential loss of exclusive positioning due to over-exposure” that Louis Vuitton has come with such a marvelous idea. “At the risk of shocking everyone, the [rate of] sales growth at Louis Vuitton is not a problem,” said LVMH Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault at a shareholders’ meeting. He further stated that slow growth was part of the company’s “deliberate strategy” to become more exclusive.

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The recent advertising campaign portrays a strong lifestyle angle. It pictures the Chinese actor Fan Bingbing having tea with her logo-free handbag on the table.

[Via – Cpp-Luxury]

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