Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Fascinante

Louis Vuitton, a name synonymous with fashion, has never failed to awe us with its exquisite, sophisticated, and trendy set of merchandise. We hadn’t quite finished drooling over its Summer/Spring 2013 Collection and here, adding fuel to the fire, is the French fashionista, announcing its new range of Monogram Empreinte – ‘Fascinante’! Stylishly comfortable and au courant in design, the 2 x 6.7 inches new Fascinante looks to be a fusion between function and sophistication. With adjustable and removable straps, it can be flaunted any way you want – as a clutch or a sling over your shoulder. Exhibiting a clever compact design, the bag sports a secure rear pocket, smooth leather trims, an S-lock closure in gold metallic, and ample room for your belongings.

Available in varied, vibrant colors as Neige, Aube, Aurore, Orient, Infini, Terre, Céleste, and Jaipur, the Fascinante is priced at $2,200. You can find the range at all Louis Vuitton stores and online at louisvuitton.com

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