Louis Vuitton unveils a luxe triplet of all-knit sneakers

Who said sneakers are all fun and games? One look at the new LV range and you will be convinced that running shoes too can be luxe and absolute upmarket! The global luxury brand has recently notched it up a level with an all exclusive pair of knitted sneakers. A runner’s reverie and a collector’s dream, the novel LV shoes are just what your feet having been craving for!

A perfect example of ‘athleisure’, the runners combine elegant design and modernity with precise technique and innovation. Keeping pace with the brand’s style synonymy, they come in three colorways of olive, black and orange, each representing the iconic “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez” triple V motif, that is specially hand painted on the tongue. Other striking features include a knitted construction (a result of a month’s experimentation and intensive research), leather accents and other super elastic elements. The unique pair is further constructed with just three threads, making it super light at a 60 grams weigh in.

If you still aren’t convinced about how precious the new LV runners are, you must know that it takes three whole months to finish just one of them! Now that’s some serious artistry and effort behind the LV shoe wear! If you’re interested in a buy, the exclusive all-knit LV sneakers are now available for sale at LV stores worldwide as well as online.


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