History meets fashion – Jeff Koons recreates the Mona Lisa and other masterpieces on Louis Vuitton handbags

We now have another name to add to the recent line-up of fashion collaborations! This time celebrated fashion label Louis Vuitton has partnered with contemporary artist and designer- Jeff Koons for a novel collection that is everything but ordinary! Christened as ‘Masters’ – the collection displays remixes of iconic artworks of the old masters and presents them in a way that encourages new interpretations.

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The ‘accessories-only’ assortment is an extension of Koon’s “Gazing Ball” series in which he reimagines the classic artworks with an added mirrored blue ball as the work’s focal point. Inside the collection, one can see bags and accessories printed with old paintings such as Titian’s Mars, Venus, and Cupid and Da Vinci’s legendary- Mona Lisa. While the balls seen in Koons’ work are not a part of the Masters collection, each of the pieces therein come imprinted with the original artist’s name across it, which according to Koons performs a similar function to the ball in the original series.

‘a Wheatfield with Cypresses’ from Van Gogh

Additionally, each bag in the collection also bears Koons own initials on it along with a classic Koons bunny-shaped bag charm. As per Louis Vuitton, the brand has employed the most advanced techniques and craftsmanship to faithfully reproduce the artworks on the canvas of the bags, and we couldn’t agree more! By re-presenting these iconic pieces, both the brands have once again opened up the museum to the world by encouraging us to experience the old masters in novel ways. The collection launches on 28th April, 2017 alongside a line of new LV scarves.

Mona Lisa on the ‘Palm Spring’ backpack.
Jeff Koons representation of ‘girl with dog’ for Louis Vuitton
Powerful and moving was the reason for choosing Reubens ‘The tiger hunt’.

Erotica meets LV with Titian’s ‘Mars, Venus, and Cupid’

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