Louis Vuitton’s insane sneaker trunk is just the place for your Yeezy’s and Air Force 1’s

This one is especially for guys/gals who have a surfeit of sneakers. So if you haven’t already splurged all your fortunes on buying one sneaker after another, maybe you will have a chunk spare to buy something to store them in. remember when Louis Vuitton celebrated their country’s victory at the Fifa World Cup by auctioning off a very special trunk in collab with Adidas that holds re-editions of the 14 official match balls. It’s doing something kinda similar by introducing a new Sneaker Trunk. the Sneaker Trunk will be debuted at Miami’s forthcoming Savoir-Faire showcase on December 3. It will be able to hold at least six pairs of low-top shoes up to size 13 and eight pairs of high-top sneakers up to size 12. What I really dig is how they are being so open to customizing this trunk as per customer demands. Customers will also get the chance to customize each trunk from scratch, monogramming the trunk with their own initials, and choosing from a variety of colors to suit the kicks. If this isn’t cool what is? You sneaker collection probably!

For now, that’s all the dope on the grand Savoir-Faire by LV. How much it will cost is unknown but I am sure they plan on taking away a lot of your hard-earned money.


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