Louis Vuitton’s new sneaker may breathe life into the chunky sneaker trend

We have some pretty high hopes for Louis Vuitton’s menswear now that Virgil Abloh is at the helm and judging by his first collection – he won’t disappoint. He’s already stirring things up with a new sneaker that’s creating all kinds of hype on Instagram.

Abloh’s take on the chunky sneaker might actually be – dare we say it? – better than Louis Vuitton’s recent Archlight style. This new unnamed style is packed with old school details from elaborate wavy lacing to mesh and even jelly detailing.

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Two versions of this style have emerged on Instagram, one in metallic grey while the other is plain black. Both versions sport electric blue accents. Truth be told, this style is much more interesting than some of the other chunky sneakers out there, but with the trend slowing down, Abloh may have to use some clever styling trickery to make the shoe feel new again.


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