Louis Vuitton iPhone cases are sophisticatedly pricey

These days anything related to iPhone is going to be a sure hit! But a cellphone case for the same that is almost double the price of iPhone is just a bit too much to digest. Anyways Louis Vuitton thought that there is a market for the kind of folks who can well afford it and so they have confidently launched their line of designer iPhone cases. Starting from today, July 16, these high end cases will be available exclusively at Louis Vuitton’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. Prices begin at $225 from the monogram canvas style to $1,120 for the alligator case. The business types can also purchase the Epi and Taiga leather offering which include belt-attachment.

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But what ticking me is that why would anyone want a cell worth about $600 when he/she can afford a case for twice that amount.

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