Louis Vuitton LV Cup 2012 binoculars and sunglasses unveiled

The man with a taste for the finer things will surely find it hard to resist the exquisite collection of accessories from Louis Vuitton. Yes, the Louis Vuitton Cup 2012 accessories are designed to accompany the man in everyday activities and leisure activities. My personal favorite in the collection is the binoculars with Carl Zeiss’s optical lenses. Sure to make for a stylish and, of course, useful accessory when you go on your next camping/hiking or even sailing trip. Two pairs of sunglasses add finishing touches to the collection, including LV nylon caps, LV belts, LV tie, and LV towel with custom pouch. The sunglasses will surely not fail to woo any man.

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The first model of the LV sunglasses is made in carbon which is lightweight yet strong. It features nose-hinge system which makes the glasses adapt to the morphology of the individual and also offers unparalleled comfort. The lenses are also specially treated and are at once polarizing (to reduce dazzle), photochromic (to adjust shade according to luminosity), non-reflecting and oleophobic (anti-water marks or finger marks).
The second model of sunglasses is created to wear for all occasions and boast light and flexible plastic structure. Easy to wear and offering optimum comfort, this model also features lenses that are non-reflecting and oleophobic.
Simply stunning, this is one collection that the men will find hard not to fall for.

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