Louis Vuitton Maison in Sydney will open up with leather kangaroo and koala

Louis Vuitton recently decided to play God and commissioned British artist Billie Achilleos to sculpt its own rendition of Native Australian wild animals. Using the brand’s monogrammed handbags, accessories, and small leather goods to build, these animals include a well-detailed kangaroo with its offspring in its pouch, a koala bear, and a crocodile. These were specially made to celebrate the official opening of the brand’s new “Maison” located at George Street, Sydney. Maisons as we know them are extravagantly large LV stores, with a limited 13 dotting the globe.

Usually covering a span of 2,000 square meters and above, these abodes of fashion and luxury are one-of-a-kind and Louis Vuitton has made an extra effort in making its Sydney Maison closer to home, complete with eucalyptus motifs in wood marquetry and LV monogrammed surfboards!