Louis Vuitton Malle Chaussures Full Shoe Locker is up for grabs

You can never have enough of shoes to go around matching your favorite dresses on special occasions. If you need a rare piece of furniture to store your expensive footwear, an extremely rare, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas “Malle Chaussures”, a Full Shoe Locker that can hold 30 pairs, is up for grabs. Dated to the 1920s, the 45-inch high, 25-inch wide and 16-inch deep trunk sports all leather trim and brass hardware and 30 individual pull-out shoe boxes. Plus there are “ancillary drawers and trays for shoe cleaning” and other such things, etc.

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The Louis Vuitton “Malle Chaussures” Full Shoe Locker has been priced at $51,500.