Louis Vuitton Mechanic Pearls collection for women who are bored of diamonds

If your girl is bored with diamonds, then we suggest you spoil her with the beauty of pearls. Louis Vuitton has created an exquisite line of pearl jewelry titled the Mechanic Pearls collection, which will appeal to today’s woman. The unique collection beautifully mingles the ambivalent feminine pearls with the industrial bicycle chain. The combination of these two extremely opposite and unrelated entities gives this collection a charm, unlike no other. The exquisite collection includes a bracelet, a choker necklace, and a hairpin. The bracelet features 11 Swarovski glass pearls and a lacquered black pearl set in the chain made from steel and golden brass and boasts of a black beveled padlock with a Louis Vuitton engraved golden metallic plate.

The choker necklace is another charming piece featuring 22 Swarovski glass pearls, one lacquered in black ‘soft touché’ set in chain crafted from steel and golden brass and the black beveled padlock with a Louis Vuitton engraved golden metallic plate.
Despite being overshadowed by the choker necklace and the bracelet, the hairpin manages to grab one’s attention. Perfect for a fashionista who loves to flaunt new hair do’s, it features a large resin pearl with the nail made from golden brass engraved with ‘Hiver 2009’ to commemorate the season.
The Mechanic Pearls collection is available at Louis Vuitton stores. The Bracelet flaunts a price tag of $700; the necklace is priced a little higher at $1050 while the hairpin costs $200. An elegant collection will surely please your woman.

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