Louis Vuitton pulled up for misleading adverts on handmade bags

Big brands are considered an epitome of authenticity, and thus they often enjoy a strong fan following. And they also tend to take stern actions when they are maligned, or other people counterfeit their products. But this time around, Fashion giants Louis Vuitton to face the bitter end of the stick: one of their adverts has been pulled up as misleading, to imply that its bags were handmade. Although the advert featured a woman stitching the handle of a handbag, the label contended that some aspects of the bags were stitched by hand sewing machines, which in the 21st century should ideally amount to hand made. In response to the other complaints, Louis Vuitton responded to the Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) that the advert was to honor their artisans. The images were indeed enhanced to make them look more appealing visually. The use of modes was to avoid employee favoritism.

While the ASA seemed content with the first two reasoning, it has ordered the label against using the advert again. An ASA spokesman said: “We noted that the images were stylized interpretations of real stages of the production process of both of the items featured. However, we considered that consumers would interpret the image of a woman using a needle and thread to stitch the handle of a bag to mean that Louis Vuitton bags were hand-stitched.”

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