Louis Vuitton Runway Monogram Motard befordark… run away with it!

Hey girls! It’s time to reinvent! And to reinvent with panache! The Monogram Motard line has been completely reinterpreted for the Spring/Summer 2008 collection through Marc Jacob’s artistic collaboration with cutting-edge American artist Richard Prince. Obviously this dope means the world to classy and stylish shopoholics and why not? Its not everyday that we have such stalwarts coming together to create an object that will be fancied by women all over the world. We all know hoe fashionable clutches are and this Louis Vuitton Runway Monogram Motard is just what the doctor ordered. It looks classy with Velvet-touch suede with glossy monogram vernis trim coupled with the Polished gold metal hardware.

The oversized golden-trimmed eyelet handles with interior logo engraving and embroidered and quilted monogram pattern and stripes enhance its beauty all the more. Its is almost aptly priced at $2,940.00 and is as small as 13″x 7″x 4.7″. If looks could kill, this Vuitton Runway Monogram Motard befordark would be a serial killer.

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