Louis Vuitton sues Hyundai for featuring its logo in Super Bowl ad

Super Bowl being the most viewed sports in the US television history, should ideally make any company strive to feature in its advertisements. But not every brand vies for getting popular in that particular manner, demonstrates Louis Vuitton. The French fashion house is suing Hyundai for using its logo in a car commercial that aired during the Super Bowl XLIV. The logo appeared for a brief moment on a basket ball handled during a pick up game, but that was sufficient to infuriate the French firm.

Louis Vuitton filed a Trademark Infringement suit in Manhattan Federal Court for using its posh pattern-a registered trademark since 1932. The firm described its logo as ‘famous and incontestable’ and the lawyers argued that Hyundai could have gotten its point across without using the posh pattern. Louis Vuitton’s logo was the only one used in the ads, while other scenes in the ads were mundane.

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