Louis Vuitton to release three new Vernis colors

Luxury brand, Louis Vuitton is all set to release three new Vernis colors for Spring 2010. The colors have been inspired by art movements through the ages: Rose Florentine, Vert Impression, and Gris Art Deco. Come January 1, 2010, bags, wallets, small leather goods, and shoes will sport these new subtle yet sophisticated colors. Rose Florentine is a shade of pale pastel pink and reflects the Renaissance period, a cultural movement that started in Florence. A sophisticated choice for pink lovers, this color exudes style and femininity. Like its name suggests, Vert Impression has been inspired by Impressionism, an art movement that seeks to capture a feeling rather than accurate depiction. The Gris Art Deco on the other hand reflects the Art Deco style of the 1920’s. The steely tranquil gray color oozes elegance and is perfect for a glamorous evening out. Complemented perfectly by the golden brass hardware, the Gris Art Deco is definitely my favorite.

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Splurge on these new colors and welcome your new year in the most fashionable way.