Louis Vuitton tops the list of 100 Best Global Brands

Lots of people swear by the Louis Vuitton brand name. And Interbrand has just confirmed that very fact. The luxury fashion brand has topped the company’s annual listing for 100 “Best Global Brands.” Interbrand is revered as a major brand consultancy firm worldwide which caters to many high-profile names in the industry. Other significant brands that made it to list include Gucci at No. 44, Hermes at No. 69, Tiffany & Co. at No. 76, Cartier at No. 77, Armani at No. 95, and Burberry at No. 100. Automiles were categorized as a separate list; saw names like Ford at No. 50, Volkswagen at No. 55, Audi at No. 63, and Porsche at No. 72.

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