Louis Vuitton train at Paris Fashion Week is rumored to be worth $8 million

Louis Vuitton stirred up quite a fashion revolution at the Paris Fashion Week with the Louis Vuitton train, reviving the repertoire of the luggage business from where it had its humble beginnings. The Louis Vuitton Express was set in a life-size facsimile of a train station that featured ornately arching ironwork and a giant station clock. The one carriage train liveried in navy and gold elegantly emerged from the background and pulled into the station. A navy of the poised all-female cast of travelers descended from the station one by one, each of them accompanied by a uniformed, white-gloved porter carrying her handbag and luggage. It was a beautiful theatre of dynamic fashion drama that only Marc Jacobs could have thought of!
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The collection had luggage and fashion intertwined in every aspect of the collection, considering what a lady traveler would carry for a bag, what she would wear, and where she would go. The cloths in the collection used the chequerboard “Damier” pattern which was previously used on LV suitcases.
All the collection elements, such as the hats, silhouettes, and high waist, resonated with the 1960’s and 1970’s aura. Model Kel Markey claims that the train had beautiful interiors and cost a whopping $8 million, although LV declined to comment on it. That is quite a heavy price tag to carry, but it is certainly worth the squander if it casts a spell on the fashion industry.
[Via Cocoperez And Guardian]