Lulu Guinness Heart-Shaped Handbags with a charity streak too

I know that the much-hyped-about lover’s day is beyond all of us and all that I received is a single yet beautiful red rose. Not that I am complaining but for those who expect to receive or give more than that can check out the Lulu Guinness Heart-Shaped Handbags. This Heart collection includes a gorgeous red snakeskin clutch, a coin purse, and a clip purse It’s not only special because its heart-shaped and related to Valentine day but also because it has a charity feature up its sleeve. . Lulu Guinness has teamed up with RED charity organization, as a part of the LOVERED campaign. From February 1 to 21, a part of the proceedings made from the sale of her cute red snakeskin handbags will be donated to the Global Fund, helping to fight Aids in Africa.

Prices range from $150 to $400.