Luxury brands eye Snapchat as a productive medium

Luxury used to have a certain kind of class, one that stood on a pedestal, untouched. But one needs to keep up with time and progress. Luxury brands are now stepping down to the normal realm by engaging in social media campaigning. And about time. We all know the power of social media and how it is the best source of channel these days to reach crevices and corners of the world that a print or tv ad can’t do. Tiffany has used Snapchat to do it’s awareness drive when in July it “sponsored a lens template on Snapchat messages as part of its #LoveNotLike campaign, promoting its entry-level “Return to Tiffany Love” collection. The lens, which was available for 24 hours, invited users in the US, Italy and Australia to layer Tiffany-branded “filters”, including animated white and Tiffany-blue hearts, over their pictures and videos and share them with friends”. It received plenty of notice and attention, and the brand is very pleased with this exercise. Same for swiss watchmaker Hublot, who believes in being “first, unique and different” use Snapchat to get visibility on social media, especially from Millenials.

According to the advertising industry publication Ad Age, sponsored lenses can cost advertisers between $500,000 and $750,000. Snapchat and it’s slightly more popular competition Instagram are tools to success, and retailers are not going to roll their eyes upon these mass appeal magnets anymore it seems.

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[ Via : FT ]

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