Luxury Traveler Collection by Giorgio Armani will impress both men and women

A luxurious luggage set is a must for every luxurious getaway. If you are a high-flyer you definitely cannot risk to be seen with anything other than the best. For such luxurious high-flying folks who seek only the best when it comes to luggage, Giorgio Armani presents the Luxury Traveler Collection. A limited edition collection, it boasts of the most exquisite and stylish sets of suitcases for both men and women. Women are sure to be pleased by the croc polished baggage set while the calf leather set is sure to appeal to every man. An exquisite range, it offers everything from modern stylish designs to more classic vintage designs as well. Each case in the collection also comes with metal plates on which the owner can have his name engraved. This exclusive collection was expected to arrive in July and be available through Giorgio Armani boutiques worldwide.

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