Macy’s partners with IBM’s Watson and a really smart shopping companion

In an endeavor to harness technology to provide an endearing shopping experience to its guests, Macy’s has announced its partnership with IBM and Satisfi to create an interactive mobile based platform called “Macy’s on call”. The mobile based web tool will combine Satisfi’s intelligent engagement platform with IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence to serve customer’s needs.

The mobile based tool will enable customers to input their queries regarding the store’s product placements and various facilities which will be immediately backed by customized responses. By using this mobile based platform one can ask questions as to the exact location of a product in the store or enquire about the store’s timings and location and will it be backed by a relevant response at the very earliest. “Macy’s on call” is designed to be a simple question answer interface that will tap Watson’s Natural language classifier while Satisfi will access Watson’s technology via cloud making improvements to the platform a possibility. While the tool is in built to be a navigation and self help guide, it will evolve further as more and more customers use it for requests.

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Initially the project will be piloted across 10 Macy’s stores in the United States. To cater to a more specific clientele, a Spanish language feature will also be incorporated in the tool via Watson’s language translation. Five locations will use the tool as the sole point for customer service while the remaining five store locations will additionally enable shoppers to avail help from the store assistants. While IBM’s Watson has earlier made a foray into healthcare and automobile sectors by partnering with names like Boston Children’s Hospital and Local Motors on various projects, its entry into the retail segment is relatively new. Macy’s on call’s first phase was recently launched on July 20th and it set to continue through the rest of 2016.

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