Made from old post bags, these jackets by Selfridges are priced at a ludicrous $590

Not all that is branded is gold. And a recent proof of this is a string of jackets being sold by Selfridges for a whopping $590 each! Made from recycled Royal Mailbags, the garments have received much slack from posties across the world.

Featuring a light red front, a green collar and the postal service’s logo, the jackets are a part of a collaboration between the UK department store and Royal Mail. The collection is designed by Studio Alch and has been doing the rounds on postal staff social media groups over the weekend.

Ridiculing the garment, one of the posties said, ‘Seriously? Who would wear this’ while another added, ‘Need to take a few bags home and get a sewing machine’. However, if Selfridges is to be believed, the jackets are ‘a prime example of the kind of eco-minded pieces in-store, featuring recycled bags from the postal service that are upcycled into a boxy graphic-print layer.’

The range also includes items designed by Labrum London and hoodies, t-shirts, hats, mugs, and baubles made with the help of the team at Royal Mail, along with tote bags in two sizes – a small green one for $92, or a larger red one for $106. Well, looks like we’ve seen it all!

[Via: My Celebrity Life]

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