Marc Jacobs collaborates with Sephora Originals to debut his beauty line

Fashion connoisseur Marc Jacobs is out on dangerous grounds, attempting to succeed where most have failed. The designer has collaborated with Sephora Originals to create an exclusive beauty line christened – Marc Jacobs Beauty. This new chapter in his career is officially launched this summer on August 9, with Sephora hosting a teaser showcase on July 19. By its looks, the designer seems quite confident about his new venture and is expecting sales to sore. The good news is that industry sources have estimated $15 million in sales in North America from August through December 2013.

Marc Jacobs Beauty’s collection is an amalgam of 122-pieces that have been expertly broken down into four categories: Smart Complexion foundation and powder, Blacquer eyeliner and lash lifter, Hi-Per Color lip products, and eye shadow, and Boy Tested, Girl Approved unisex essentials. The designer has widely used bold and vibrant colors in his new beauty line, avoiding the use of nude shades, which he thinks is “a little lazy.”

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After the launch, the products will be available at all Sephora stores, and select Marc Jacobs boutiques.

Rumor has it that Marc Jacobs has already started work on the holiday and Spring 2014 collection. However, we would like to see how the first episode of his beauty line would fare before proceeding to the next.

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