Master perfumer Guerlain to lend his olfactory advice on new luxury fragrance collection

Many people have remarked at how rude the French are. I can’t disagree, yet have to be fair on the many nice ones I have met. Some, yes, are quite obnoxious. Jean-Paul Guerlain, the last master perfumer of the house of iconic French perfume brand Guerlain, is popular as a man with his nose deep into scent (sometimes trouble, quoting a racist remark he allegedly made a while ago saying he worked like a nigger to reach where he did). He has partnered with a new startup called My Exclusive Collection which will offer a range of fragrances.

For Jean-Paul, this becomes a fresh project to work on, after retiring in 2002 as the brand’s in-house perfumer. He has plenty of years of experience, having first created a composition with his grandfather, Jacques Guerlain, in 1955. For this collaboration, he travelled to the Middle East to attain some exposure into oriental scents. He was impressed, and decided to use it for this collection, which is expected to roll out two scents by early 2017 – for men and women. The collection will have two lines – one Haute Couture and the other just Couture.

The fragrances will range in price between $136 and $262, for a 100ml bottle of eau de parfum.

[ Via : Luxurydaily ]

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