May 2nd is Bombshell’s Day, thanks to Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is very serious about their business. So much that they decided to make a declaration for their loyal patrons. No, they haven’t done anything lame like build a lingerie town or unveil a bombshell statue at the heart of the Kremlin or the likes. They are patenting May 2 as the Victoria’s Secrets International Bombshells Day. It is a treat for both women, and men. The ladies can take this day to celebrate their bombshell-ness and be pampered silly and out of their wits, while the men can continue worshipping their bombshell icons/girlfriends/wives. So how is this any different from Women’s Day? Well, because Women’s Day celebrates all women – how passé. This is ONLY for bombshells. Like two of VS’s own bombshells had to say about celebrating this major occasions – Martha Hunt and Elsa Hosk. What are they doing for Bombshells Day? One plans to go spend a long, relaxing day at the spa and get a facial! How thrilling! And the other plans to hang out with her girlfriends and enjoy a day of women empowerment. How inspiring!

Do these bombshells do much, aside spending their time relaxing in a spa and shopping with their girlfriends? Seriously, this has got to be the most amazing excuse to get their cash boxes tinkering. There will be takers, no doubt. Girls who like to feel like they are a class apart for being chosen as the county’s best cheerleader, for instance. In this day and time, we are promoters of everything. Cast, creed, race, culture, skin color – no classification. There is as much respect for broad, big women as there is awe for super models and bombshells. And Victoria’s Secret don’t really need this sort of fake holiday publicity to boost their marketing. In fact, this might almost seem offensive to some women who believe more in equality and less in idolizing. But hey, so long as the offers remain, let’s just celebrate those discounts if nothing else.

[Via – Bazaar]

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