McCartney + Adidas to design Team Brit’s Rio ‘16 power outfits

So impressive was Stella McCartney’s work on the 2012 Great Britain Team uniforms in collaboration with Adidas, that 2016 Rio de Janeiro is going to see round two of Stella and Adidas apparel. Sports giants Adidas made the announcement this week that the Beatles’ daughter will be designing all of Team Great Britain’s outfits for the 2016 Olympics and Paralympic Games. The entire kit will include apparel for the competition and otherwise off-duty.
Though the 31st summer games only begin in August 2016, which almost a year away, the kits are already being tested out for performance reviews and feedback by a bunch of Brit athletes enlisted by Adidas. The world will get a glimpse at the final collection only in April, that’s just about 4 months before the games begin. Adidas is hoping for another season just like that of twenty twelve, where replicas of the elegant kit were a big hit, worldwide sales skyrocketed and the collection sold out all over the UK.

We can’t wait to see what Stella has to bring to the stage this time. Her fashion sense is known to be very true to her paternal British heritage, but also a little edgy and fun. GB’s outfits for the last games played around with the Union Jack colors and the crosses on the flags.

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[Via – Fashionista]

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