McLaren has introduced a $15k bespoke luggage set designed specifically for GT

How many times has it happened that a sexy McLaren GT zoomed across me leaving me open-mouthed, wide-eyed and lusting for it? Enough number of times to make me feel terrible and a reminder of how it way out of my vehicular league. Agreed I cannot afford $210,000 wheels right now. But there is hope for me to be the owner of something that says McLaren GT. Going down the Mercedes way and introducing a line of matching travel gear is McLaren with its first custom luggage collection, designed by the MSO division specifically for the GT. While the Mercedes Maybachs sported a two-toned colour design scheme the McLaren collection is all black, matching the car. The four pieces in the luggage set including a garment case ($2,300), weekend bag ($2,500), cabin bag ($3,800) and full-size golf bag ($6,800).

All the bags are made using the same leather and stitching you’ll find in the interior of a McLaren GT. There are three colour options available to best match your interior colour, including Pioneer Black, Luxe Black and Luxe Porcelain. The bags are made in Italy and meticulously designed to fit specific areas in the car. The McLaren GT Luggage Set comes for a heart-stopping price of $15400.

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