Mercedez-Benz perfume to be unveiled for men passionate about the auto-brand

Mercedez-Benz has lunged into the fashion panorama with almost instant popularity. It has introduced fashion accessories like Sunglasses and wristwatches that took the masses by awe. The luxury car brand is all set to introduce its luxurious fragrance for men in the coming year. Made by popular perfumer Olive Cresp of Firmenich, and the Mercedez-Benz perfume was recently launched at the Tax-Free World Association World Exhibition in Cannes. The fragrance is touted to exude a superlative scent, made to be par with the luxury cars that Mercedez-Benz produces.

The perfume will combine the goodness of floral freshness, woody musk, lemon essence, Italian mandarin, and glimpses of nutmeg, bourbon pepper, galbanum resin, patchouli, vetiver grass, and American Cedarwood. With all these superior essences, I can already anticipate the fragrance to be deep and reminiscently masculine. You can expect the “First Fragrance for Men” to be sold in the first quarter of 2012 in the scent as well as eau de toilette, deodorant, shower gel, and aftershave.

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