Million Dollar Jeans

Want people to say you have buttocks worth over a million bucks? Here’s how and no – it’s not a cosmetic treatment! Sweet Circus Clothing has designed a pair of jeans that on the face of it look more like an advertisement for diamonds! The jeans that cost £640,000 ($1,270,913 USD) have 15 gorgeous diamonds on it. Now, don’t faint just yet. Let me give you the juicy details! The 15 jewels consist of a 4.63 carat marquise cut diamond worth £102,000 ($ 202,636 USD); two 6 carat round radiant cut diamonds valued £250,000 ($ 496,658USD) each; one 5.09 carat princess cut priced £104,000 ($206,608 USD); one 5.27 pear cut for £134,000 ($266,164USD) plus 10 single carat diamonds worth £50,000 ($99,303 USD). Yeah, I’m done. Go ahead and swoon!

Irma Matulionyte modeled this jean at the brand’s launch at London Fashion Week February stirring up quite a buzz. No information about the first proud customer for these jeans is available. All that is known is her waist size is 27 inches. A lot of high-end retailers don’t offer anything spectacular to go along with their luxury price tags, but Secret Circus has done just that.