Min New York’s Scent Stories Collector’s Edition Volume 1 makes a scentsational gift this holiday season

You’ve heard of culinary art and even fashion art, but Chad Murawczyk and Mindy Yang are now bringing you ‘wearable olfactory art’ in the form of their 11 piece fragrance collection called Scent Stories. The duo own Min New York an haute parfumerie and apothecary in SoHo where they present a curated collection of niche items from around the world.

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In the Collector’s Edition, Volume 1 you’ll find all eleven EDPs including Dune Road, Long Board, the Botanist, Shaman, Momento, Barrel, Magic Circus, Old School Bench, Dahab, Onsen and Moon Dust. Scent stories has been inspired by ‘vignettes and memories through which the brand’s perfumes are potions that transcend time and space’. This is fitting considering that scents and fragrances are one of the most powerful known memory triggers.

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The scents are inspired by moments and feelings as by objects. For example Long Board opens with Cardamom and Marine Notes and features heart notes of Nuts, Solar Cream and Orange Blossom with a base of Amber, Vanilla and Vetyver. This scent is inspired by surf, sunshine and laughter with friends. On the other hand Onsen with top notes of herbs, bergamot and absinthe, a heart of Pine Needles, Cypress and marine notes and a base of Oak Moss, Vetyver, Ambergris evokes cleansing, healing and a union with nature. It is inspired by the Japanese hot springs.

Each bottle is a hand crafted limited edition from a single batch per year. Every edition is signed and numbered. The fragrances are collected in a bespoke black presentation box. This collection of fragrances is priced at $2,500 and makes a special gift, especially for someone who is fond of fragrances.

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