MIT researchers have developed smart clothes that predict and correct your posture

From smartphones to cars, we’ve seen it all! However, in pushing it a step further, the ingenious folks at MIT have now come up with ‘smart clothes.’ Yes, that’s right! The apparel apparently detects movement and can help you maintain the right posture.

Designed as comfortable basics, the smart wear is composed of conventional material and piezoresistive fibers that hug the body while detecting pressure. It is adjusted by machine learning with sensors that predict accurate and consistent reactions.

The wearable technology can also collect non-invasive data to anticipate posture without an all-over body stimulating receptor. Unlike other garments of its kind, smart wear is made using stretchable and breathable materials and can be manufactured at affordable prices.
As per the researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), the ‘smart clothes’ are ideal for athletic training and rehabilitation. They can also be used to monitor residents’ health in assisted-care facilities and allied purposes of a similar kind.

Commenting on it, CSAIL Wan Shou, a postdoc at CSAIL, said, “Imagine robots that are no longer tactilely blind, and that have ‘skins’ that can provide tactile sensing just like we have as humans,” he further added, “Clothing with high-resolution tactile sensing opens up a lot of exciting new application areas for researchers to explore in the years to come.”

While only a prototype at present, we hope the ‘smart wear’ reaches us soon! Don’t you agree?

[Via: Hypebeast]

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