Montblanc pays tribute to the creator of the piano with two limited edition pens

Having honored literary artist De Balzac and Sforza, Duke of Milan in the past, the makers of luxury writing instruments and accessories Montblanc have announced the launch of the Patron of Art Edition Henry E. Steinway, a beautiful and finely crafted pen intended as a tribute to the famous piano maker that it is named after. The tribute pen is available in 2 editions: the 4810 and the 888. The 4810 fountain pen mimics the striking black and gold color combination that is one of the hallmarks of a classic Steinway Grand Piano with its black lacquered barrel and gold plated fittings. The gilded cap is adorned with a 750 gold harp- which is considered the heart of the piano. The gold plated clip draws inspiration from the screw clamps used to bend the grand piano into its graceful curve and the name ‘Steinway and Sons’ which is seen above the keyboard of every Steinway creation is inscribed on the gold plated cone ring. The delicate 750 gold nib bears an intricate engraving of Henry E. Steinway, a marker of the immense care and precision employed in creating this unique writing instrument. The 888 celebrates the wonderful balance of contrasts in a piano with its representation of one octave of piano keys in black and white on the barrel. In addition to the portrait engraved nib and the piano harp detail, the 888 also features a skeletonized cap, with a design on the ring that references the décor of the domed rotunda in the Steinway Hall in New York.

Each edition is crowned by the iconic Montblanc emblem; the 4810 features the unique white star in precious black and white resin while the 888 bears a mother-of-pearl interpretation of the emblem. The Limited Edition 4810 is priced at £1,870.00 which is about $3,115 and the Limited Edition 888 costs £6,600.00 or $10,992.

These extravagant pieces are a beautiful reminder of Henry Steinway, his talent, achievement and personality. He is deservedly called the father of the grand piano and was also a great patron of arts and music.

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