Montblanc reinvents the art of writing with uber-chic M Ultra black

Montblanc is god-like in the world of writing and there are no two ways about it. The Maison has been evolving the writing culture with pieces so metamorphic and inspirational that we can only stand stumped by its innovation. After giving us the iconic Montblanc M in 2015, the marquee is back again with its renewed and redefined version – The Montblanc M Ultra black.

The new edition of the classic writing instrument defines modernity while still retaining the elegance and charm that Montblanc immemorably represents. It is designed by Marc Newson, who was also the man behind the stunning aesthetics of its predecessor. If you are wondering how the M Ultra black has been uplifted, it now comes with a new texture, a dash of bright orange, and a smart magnetic mechanism to go with it. The most striking part of the novel writing instrument is the ingenious use of magnets that have gone into its making. It also boasts of a magnetic closing amidst the cap and barrel that facilitates a seamless alignment of the clip and a rather unique ‘plateau’ at the barrel end.

It’s new design further features the use of black precious resin and the iconic white Montblanc emblem. The AU585 gold nib of the writing instrument comes in two tones, using both rhodium and ruthenium. A quirky dash of orange further accentuates the stunner to an altogether new level. Available in Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint Pen, the new Montblanc M Ultra black is now available in stores worldwide.

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