Montblanc uses the Da Vinci code in its stunning new leather collection

Some brands are serious about the products they create and sell. So much care and precision is taken into creating something as unique as a person’s DNA. Montblanc is a name that falls in the category of brands that are serious about what they offer, and why they ask the price for what they offer. Its latest area of interest is in Renaissance art. If you are an avid follower or even just a lover of art, then the new Meisterstück Sfumato collection will not fail to impress you. A unique technique of painting is used to treat the leather used to make the goods. Leonardo Da Vinci and his followers were pioneers of this technique, called sfumato (hence the name). It was also used on the Mona Lisa.

The collection consists of full briefcases, wallets, tote bags, and cardholders. These products have been crafted by applying the sfumato effect to fine and soft calfskin giving it an elegant patina. Each product is hand-painted and then assembled – making them unique. The products also come with subtle sophistication, like using grey suede in the larger pieces. The collection is available in three colours including rich brown, anthracite and navy blue. Each product also goes through a rigorous process of testing before finally making a polished appearance at the store.
To ensure that every product delivered is of the highest quality and will endure the test of time, extensive tests are carried out before it can leave the Maison’s Pelletteria. While stress tests ensure the mechanical resistance of the products from the handles to the stitching or the closures, colour fastness tests affirm that the leather will not be affected by fading or colour migration over time.

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